Breathworks Mindfulness for Stress Course
2022 public access dates to be confirmed 
Delivered online via Zoom


This 8-week structured course, is taught by Steve Smith who is an experienced teacher and one of the Teacher Training Team at Breathworks.  The course is taught online via Zoom in a supportive and friendly group setting.  The course teaches skills to support your well-being, find new sources of resilience, joy, and calm in your life, and to cope with stress, anxiety, fear, and depression.

One to One


Instruction is available for those who would prefer to learn in this way or for times in between scheduled courses.  Bespoke courses, one day workshops and taster sessions are also available.  Please contact us for further information.







Breathworks Mindfulness For Health


This eight week course based on the book "Mindfulness for Health" by Vidyamala Burch and Danny Penman offers a wide range of mindfulness skills to ease the suffering associated with persistent pain, fatigue and ill health, and the stress that often arises as a result.  


“Whether you suffer with chronic pain or illness, treat those who suffer, or care for a loved one who does, the Breathworks methods could radically change your life for the better.” Lance M. McCracken, PhD, Professor of Behavioural Medicine, King's College London

Introduction to mindfulness - half/one day workshop


​These workshops ofer an opportunity to explore what mindfulness is and how it is currently being used in modern healthcare when working with stress, chronic pain and illness.


Introduction to Meditaton Class​es/Mindful Movement Classes/Workshops


These ​teach the basic meditation and mindful movement components of the eight week courses and are suitable for those who are keen to know more about Mindfulness without committing to an eight week programme.  It is also suitable for those who would simply enjoy practicing with others. 


Meditation - Anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion and irritability have all been shown to decrease with regular sessions of meditation. Mindfulness has also been proven to enhance mental and physical wellbeing as well as reducing chronic pain.


Mindful Movement - Learning Mindful Movement is not simply an exercise programme, getting you to stretch further or hold poses for longer. Equally important is the emphasis on developing the quality of your awareness as you move by becoming mindful. By becoming sensitive to your body's sensations you can inhabit it more deeply and feel more relaxed, grounded and alive. This course is suited to people with chronic pain, illness and stress, as well anyone interested in Mindfulness training. It provides a new alternative to the more formal ways of Mindfulness training such as sitting meditation.


"I cannot recommend enough the Breathworks course run by Steve Smith. As a cancer and treatment survivor who also used to be a successful national manager of a major financial services company, I am familiar with pain and stress.  I confess that I was sceptical about the idea of Mindfulness. How glad I am that I undertook such a practical, positive and transformational experience.  I only wish I had learned to practice this powerful way to handle anxiety, stress or pain many years ago. Thank you Steve".    

Peter S - Participant on Mindfulness for Stress Course


You will learn the foundational skills of mindfulness, compassion, and meditation, and how to apply them in your life in a straight forward, practical way.


Over many years this course has helped thousands of people suffering from stress associated with work, family and relationships, loss, depression, chronic generalised anxiety, social anxiety, and those who simply want to boost their resilience, learn mindfulness and meditation, or find greater joy and well-being in their lives. If you think that you have a chance of increasing your quality of life, we warmly invite you to attend.

What will I learn?What will I get with the course?

  • The skill of meditation

  • Mindfulness and self-compassion skills in your daily life

  • Greater concentration and focus

  • How breath and body awareness can transform stress

  • Supportive mindful movement practices

  • The art of taking joy in simple pleasures

  • How to overcome your ‘negativity bias’

  • The many health benefits of mindfulness

  • 8-weeks of lessons 

  • A balance of teaching, questions and discussion, and guided meditation

  • Daily home meditation practice of 20 mins a day

  • Guided meditations CD / MP3 downloads

  • Teaching and practices to help you develop mindfulness, calm, and resilience

  • A highly experienced mindfulness teacher to answer your questions and address difficulties every week with personalised advice.


"I very much enjoyed Steve’s training.  His style is warm and clear and it was helpful to discuss the concepts, to illustrate them and to experience a number of guided Mindfulness experiences.  It was good to be reminded of the value of noticing without judgement and to deploy all the senses to do this.  Thank you for a memorable day Steve."

Mia K - Participant on one day workshop