Like many of us, aside from my daily exercise, I find myself at home, isolated from loved ones, friends, colleagues and uncertain about the future.  At times, I've found myself experiencing difficult emotions; from sadness to fear, anger to boredom.

Perhaps you're experiencing something similar or maybe you're carrying out essential work, attempting to  be socially distant while doing your job.  Maybe you're having to manage how overwhelming this can feel.

Whatever your situation, I'm offering straight forward, practical tips and strategies that will hopefully reduce and lessen the effects of any stress and anxiety you may be experiencing; while helping you to connect with others and reminding yourself of all the things that are still ok.

Group or one to one sessions, all delivered online, the cost is negotiable, depending on your current financial circumstances. 

Steve Smith

This website offers information on:


  • Breathworks  - Mindfulness for Health and Mindfulness for Stress eight week programm​


  • Mindfulness in the Workplace - "Peace in a Frantic World" eight week programmes


  • .b - Mindfulness in Schools Project courses and Mindfulness for Young People

  • Meditation and Mindful Movement classes


  • and other Mindfulness training offered in the Hampshire, Dorset, East Sussex, West Sussex and West Midlands area.

What is mindfulness?

"Mindfulness is cultivating the quality of being awake, present and accepting of this moment's exprience - which has a transforming potential on how we are with ourselves, how we are with others and how we are with stressful, difficult and challenging situations" - Mindfulness Department, University of Wales, Bangor

"Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) is recommended by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) for the prevention of relapse in recurrent depression." -Mental Health Foundation".  Studies have found that mindfulness programmes, where participants are taught mindfulness practices across a series of weeks, can bring about reductions in stress and improvements in mood." - NHS Choices

“I have spoken with my colleagues following the completion of the mindfulness course and the general consensus was that we all thoroughly enjoyed it and would strongly recommend the course to anyone either on an individual or company basis"

Jo - Participant on Mindfulness in The Workplace Course

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